I’m Shruti. I love having a houseful of people – happy chatter, laughter, the clinking of glasses, the rattle of  cutlery and the wonderful aromas of good food at the table.

I love to cook and even more than that, I love to research new and exciting foods, ingredients and techniques. Happily, my life has taken me beyond the country of my birth and the wonderful cities of my childhood – opening for me, new vistas to explore.

I’ve been told I’m a storyteller – so here then are my food and other stories and  learnings – to share with all of you. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy my blog! Write in with your feedback -I’d appreciate it.


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  1. do remember ur fab food n m sure u must have evolved over these years,,looking fwd to meeting sometime in future….till then,Cheers!!

  2. Hey

    As always whatever you do…you do well..have shared your life for a bit in Brussels and can vouch for the food and the many other things…the neatness of the garage being one of them:))))…am glad you are sharing these lovely recipes with us…Bless You

  3. Oh MY GOD! this is awesome! now I can learn fast, easy ways of making delicious food right here! thanks for starting this blog… you have no idea how many lives (dinner tables) you are about to change:)

  4. Shruti-I love your blog and very clever title! I can feel your passion for cooking and life through your words. I only follow one other blog but you have me hooked….I can’t wait for your next entry. My cast iron pot is on the way….Your new fan, Jessica 🙂

  5. Pritika, Ruchi, Jessica – thank you for your wonderful words. Humbled and delighted… I hope my blog can live up to your expectations.

  6. Not many share their secret culinary stories. Not many share more than just the ingredients & the method. Not many share the delight of a newly discovered flavour, technique, appliance or presentation. Not many share their insights, carefully honed with years of keen observation and practical experience. Not many share just because.

    She means it when she says she loves the happy chatter, laughter, the clinking of the glasses, the rattle of cutlery and the wonderful aromas of good food at the table. I know it first hand, and received it in delight & in awe. I reveled in the thought that her culinary art is for the fortunate few like me. But my dear friend wants to go beyond, and share with many more! So be it!

    Every passionate cook has their unique style. Mine is of surprise. Mixing a potion and let the parts interact and then magic shall happen. Hers is of respect of each ingredient, maximizing flavours and aromas, and finding the delicate balance. Hers is a diverse and large repertoire, a deep insight of the local, and a method which would fascinate both an engineer & an artist.

  7. Hey thats the Shruti I know !! Always imparting ur wisdom . Culinary delights emerge from sensitive minds and Shruti dear I have gorged on food cooked by you.Cooking comes to you so naturally . One never sees an untidy kitchen slab or messy churnings;right tools for quick results; with every twist and turn of the ingredents you add your radiant smile and the dish turns up delectable .Shruti you surely make the world a wonderful place to live . Your endeavour I appreciate .Good luck and God Bless

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