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Another year, another half dozen grey hairs, another inch on the waistline…basically another birthday! And special double digits – 22. I wish! No – not really. Would hate to be 22 again – those dorky clothes, that 80’s hair, that exam stress. No way. No way. The one thing I would enjoy about going back in time though is the ability to eat like I did back then. Good Lord – my friends and I drank Coke everyday! Recess means samosas! Hungry between classes? Eat chocolate! And anytime was ice cream time. And we never  even had to yank at the buttons of our jeans, coaxing and urging them to close up.

So in the spirit of moderation in all things good, here is an updated recipe for my mayonnaise. Some of you might remember that blog post…for those who don’t, here it is From Russia with love

Many of my readers wrote in saying they enjoyed it and it inspired them to actually make mayo – something that delighted my heart! There were others who were, as many people are, afraid of making/eating mayo because of the perceived high cholesterol content. I can understand that…

So getting back to my updated recipe then, this is definitely a lighter and healthier version of mayonnaise. As creamy, as spready and as flavoursome. But with a whole egg instead of 2 yolks, lesser oil than most recipes call for, and lemon juice instead of vinegar, it’s definitely easier on the conscience and the waistline.

So give it a shot, see  how you feel, and share the joy.

SHRUTI’S HOMEY MAYO (Prep time 2 mins, cooking time 8 mins + some patience and a steady pair of hands)

* Egg – 1  It is absolutely essential that the egg be at room temperature. As anyone who bakes knows, cold eggs curdle as soon as they are beaten

* Olive oil – 200 ml (Just good quality olive oil, NOT extra virgin. It tends to be bitter and your mayo will not taste good)

* Lemon/lime juice– 1 – 1.5 tbsps (depending on how tart you lemons or limes are)

* Mustard powder – 2 tsps (This is optional – I like strong mustardy mayo. But if you don’t just leave it out or reduce the quantity)

* Salt – 1/2 tsp

* A small pinch of sugar to balance the tartness of the lemon

* An electric whisk / egg beater or a blender would also work with a hole in the cap. In the old days they used a manual egg whisk – respect to all those cooks! What strong arms, what oodles of patience and what a love of the craft they must have had.

* A jug or a small teapot – basically a utensil that would allow you to control the flow of oil and you could pour it out drop by drop

Image 5

My guilty secret – I sometimes buy products because the glass jar they come in are just so cute or just so perfect for what I need. This salsa jar is great for my mayo…I cannot recall enjoying the salsa though…

So what’s next?

– Crack the egg into a deep bowl / blender jar and add the salt. Using the electric whisk , besat the egg yolks for about 1 min. This is going to form the base of your mayonnaise.

– Now comes the critical part – while running the electric whisk/blender, pour in the oil DROP by DROP into the egg yolk. If using a blender, keep the lid on and pour the oil through the little hole in the top – it will automatically control the flow. In scientific terms, what you are doing is emulsifying the mixture. i.e., breaking up the oil into microscopic droplets and integrating it into the yolk. You will see a rich yellow mixture in the bowl now. This is when you need to be most patient.  Rush it here, and you’ll land up with an oily sludge instead of a creamy, fluffy mayo. If you are using a hand held beater and are getting tired, stop and rest … nothing drastic will happen to the mayo.

– Continue pouring it drop by drop until the gets to a stage when it starts looking like scrambled eggs. Normally you should be through with about 1/4th of your oil by now.

– This is when you can start pouring it out in a thin stream.

– You will see that it starts thickening and coming together. When you have just 2-3 tbsps of oil left, add in the lemon juice and mustard and sugar (you can just dump it in all at once) and beat well.

– Add in the remaining oil …and voila!! Your mayonnaise is ready. Taste it, spoon it into a glass jar and pop it into the fridge. It will last for about 2 weeks…but I can promise you it will be polished off before that!


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  1. Super!
    But guess what ? I’ve been making Mayo at home for years – 2 whole eggs/400ml Olive/canola+ condiments. Never added oil drop by drop. Make it in a mixie, glug in the oil, takes 7 min from start to finish. Try! 😄

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