Small change


Quick – what can 1 Euro buy you? A coffee ? In Italy, just about…elsewhere in Europe, not likely. A snack ? Maybe. Saw a McDonald’s poster in Pavia advertising the same.

How about knowledge, good health, good taste, eco-friendliness and local and seasonal eating – all for 1 Euro?

Growing up, seasonal eating was something we did very naturally – what was in season was in the market. Now it’s a choice we make…supermarkets are full of produce flown in from all over the world. We’re lucky here in Italy – the soil is rich and the climate salubrious, which makes for an abundance and variety of  local produce all year round.

So if you like to eat seasonal and local, here’s something I must share with you, my friends in Italy, the fantastic `seasonal calendar’ I picked up at Eately ( It’s located in the basement of the Coin department store on Piazza Cinque Giornate.

The calendar  is beautifully illustrated and has the names of the fruits and the vegetables in Italian – helps me feel and look less lost when I’m shopping. My only problem is with how the calendar `works’  –  it folds out like a map but  it’s not designed to be put up on the kitchen wall or the fridge where it could be quickly referenced. I mean that is the whole point, isn’t it? If only someone thought these things through. (there goes my process-oriented brain again!) . And oh – it costs 1 Euro.

Look for it near the check out counter


In all its unwieldy glory


And here's what's in season for December


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  1. Lovely! What a concept. Wish I had something handy like this in Peru in the early days when I was struggling with the names of the veggies- the likes of berenjana and alberca.


  2. That’s a cool tool Shruti! Would love to have one. Well, actually, if I am wishing for things, I wish we would get veggies that taste as heavenly as they do in your part of the world!

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